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State Controller Betty Yee endorses John Bauters for City Council

Emeryville, Feb. 29 – One of California’s leading progressive pragmatists has endorsed a local candidate for City Council eight and a half months before the election.

“Our local issues and need for a thoughtful, experienced community leader can’t wait, and neither can I. I’m announcing my unusually early endorsement for someone I respect greatly today. John Bauters is the kind of leader we need – a devoted public servant, serious student of policy, and someone who can bring community together to make decisions,” said Yee.

“I respect the work he has done to protect seniors, low-income families and children, while ensuring sustainability and fiscal responsibility. He is part of a new generation of leaders that California has been looking for. I hope Emeryville voters in my Bay Area base will give him serious consideration this November,” she said.

Bauters won Controller Yee’s endorsement as a champion on issues important to people in Emeryville and across the Bay Area, including protecting and expanding affordable housing, making smart public safety investments, and supporting diverse small businesses.

The state official joined these Emeryville leaders who have already endorsed John Bauters for City Council:

Dianne Martinez, Mayor
Scott Donahue, Vice-Mayor
Jac Asher, Councilmember
Ruth Atkin, Councilmember
Nora Davis, Councilmember
International Association of Firefighters, Local 55 of Alameda County
United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Local 713 of Alameda County

Bauters is active in Emeryville’s community, serving on the Planning Commission, Housing Committee and as Chair of the Citizen’s Parcel Tax Oversight Committee at Emery Unified School District. He works on state policy and budget initiatives that have delivered solutions to homelessness, poverty and recidivism. He understands the fiscal realities of government and is known for balancing a pragmatic fiscal sense with progressive values to achieve results.

“I’m honored to have the support of my Emeryville neighbors and Controller Yee. Our greatest challenges lie in making policy work for people. It’s my priority to engage community and work closely with diverse stakeholders to create the kind of city we all want,” said Bauters.