– Dianne Martinez, Mayor
– Scott Donahue, Vice-Mayor
– Jac Asher, Councilmember
– Ruth Atkin, Councilmember
– Nora Davis, Councilmember
– Steven Keller, Chair, Planning Commission
– Lawrence Cardoza, Vice-Chair, Planning Commission
– Gail Donaldson, Planning Commissioner
– Sam Kang, Planning Commissioner
– John Scheuerman, Frmr. Planning Commissioner
– Sean Moss, Frmr. Planning Commissioner
– Ed Treuting, Chair, Housing Committee
– Frank Jorden, Vice-Chair, Housing Committee
– Gisela Owens, Member, Housing Committee
– C. Tito Young, Member, Housing Committee
– Vickie Jo Sowell, Member, Housing Committee
– Brian Carver, Vice-Chair, Parks & Rec Committee
– Betsy Cooley, Member, Parks & Rec Committee
– Celeste Burrows, Member, Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee
– Bill Reuter, Chair, Economic Dev. Advisory Committee
– Fran Quittel, Member, Economic Dev. Advisory Committee
– Joyce Jacobson, Chair, Commission on Aging
– Richard Ambro, Member, Commission on Aging
– Louis Labat, Member, Commission on Aging
– Jean Goldman, Vice-Chair, Public Art Committee
– Rick Tejada-Flores, Member, Public Art Committee
– Sam Foushee, President, Emeryville Community Organic Garden
– John Affeldt, President, Emery Unified School District
– Joy Ashe, Trustee, Emery Unified School District
– Christian Patz, Trustee, Emery Unified School District
– Steve Rasmussen, Vice-Chair, Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
– Heather Streets, Secretary, Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
– Miguel Dwin, Member, Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
– Marcelline Krafchick, Frmr. Member, Parcel Tax Oversight Cmte
– Eric Raff, Frmr. Member, Marina Committee
– Ray Westergard, Frmr. Member, Marina Committee
– Gene Weinstein, Discussion Leader, Emeryville Senior Ctr.
– Cynthia Tobey Klein, Emery Bunch of Ashby Village
– Frances Gaston, Emeryville Celebration of the Arts
– Greg Harper, Director, AC Transit
– Donna Briskin, Co-Chair, Park Avenue Resident’s Committee
– Paul Germain, Co-Chair, Park Avenue Resident’s Committee
– Michael McConnell, Park Avenue Resident’s Committee
– Kevin Kellogg, Park Avenue Resident’s Committee
– Marianne Clark, Park Avenue Resident’s Committee
– Bryan Hord, Park Avenue Resident’s Committee
– Emily Yang, Small Business – Core Society Fitness
– Cindy Warner, Contributor, E’ville Eye Community News
– Boiana Alexieva-Jackson
– Yasmin Amer
– Tashi Barnett
– Norm Berzon
– Robert Blain
– Andre Carpiaux
– Kathryne Cassis
– Kristin Cato
– Fran Chiappetta
– Joel Devin
– Aaron Feeney
– Gail C. Feingold
– Ron Freund
– Jack Ghizzoni
– Arleen Goodwin
– John Gordon
– Angel-Max Guerrero
– George Hart
– Paul Herzoff
– Janet Hinze
– Bob Hughes
– David Korts
– Anais LaVoie
– Rita Lewis
– Ruth Major
– Jeff Margolin
– Steve Mooney
– Laura Newbold
– Huong Nguyen
– Sarah Nguyen
– Betty Niemi
– Gunnar Niemi
– Jennifer Paulino
– Kristin Peterson
– Xavier Quan
– Ron Ramos
– Tina Rhodes
– Finley Robbins
– Diane Rosenberg
– Josh Russell
– Linda Schwartz
– Judith Stanley
– C. Kaylah Sterling
– Joan Strasser
– Ed Tanovitz
– Gail Tarantino
– Barry Tereshkow
– Evelyn Thuan
– Judith Timmel
– Ellen Whitman
– Kevin Wickham
– Laree Wilson
– Kent Wright


– Alameda County Democratic Party
– International Association of Firefighters, Local 55
– Emeryville Police Officers Association
– Sierra Club of San Francisco Bay
– Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO
– Building Trades Council of Alameda County
– United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Local 713
– Unite Here, Local 2850
– National Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund
– East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club
– East Bay Young Democrats
– East Bay Express
– Green Party of Alameda County
– Residents United for a Livable Emeryville


imgresBuilding Trades Council Logo 2carpenters2016_VF_Endorsement_Seal


California Leaders

– California State Controller Betty Yee
– California State Senator Loni Hancock
– California State Senator Mark Leno
– California State Assemblymember Tony Thurmond
– Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson
– Former Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner
– Former Assemblywoman Dion Aroner
– Former San Francisco Supervisor Leslie Katz
– El Cerrito Councilmember Gabriel Quinto
– Frank Mecca, Executive Director, County Welfare Directors Association of California*
– Sharon Cornu, Political Director, Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California*

* Organizations listed for identification purposes only

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